Why Living in a Self-Sufficient Manner in 25 Years Will be Simple

installing solar panels

Since the late 1960's, people have been dreaming of and planning for being able to power their homes and properties on their own terms.

Some of this desire is born of necessity, much of it a desire to be self-sufficient and over the last decade, self-preservation.

The self-preservation (or survival) motivation can be because our power grid is aging, falling apart and vulnerable, fear of terrorist attacks or even just not being able to afford ever-escalating energy costs.

Unfortunately, while the desire to go “off-grid” in regards to power is there, the options have been somewhat limited regarding energy production and storage, cost and effectiveness, but that might be changing at a very rapid pace.

In the US alone, for example, our solar capacity had increased by over quadrupled. With alternatives in distributive power and storage capacity, that number will only grow.

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