Why it’s Important to Pay Attention to the Riots and How to Prepare for Them


Recently, our country made it's choice of who they think is most suited to be the new president. As a result of this, somewhat predictably, those who are not on the winning end have erupted this country into chaos.

Streets in major cities have been blocked by lines of angry rioters, who have taken to pulling people from their cars and beating them to within inches of their lives.

Streets are aflame with torched vehicles, glass from looted business litters the sidewalks, and any semblance of order and reason is lost amid the wonton destruction.

As preppers, we prepare for exactly these events. But seeing it actually unfold is an entirely new experience. Not knowing if you'll make it home from work is frightening, but more frightening is the prospect of the people you love getting caught in the chaos with no way out.

To learn what you can take away from this newest batch of riots, check out the information on the following page. 

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  1. EBT said:

    I really want to thank you very much for this post and your page.

  2. Sam Wolfe said:

    Yeah, preparing for them is called living in the$#%&!@*end of nowhere and knowing your local law enforcement on a personal level so that when needs must and the proverbial devil rides you can get$#%&!@*done.