Why Canvas is a Lot More Useful for Bushcraft Tasks Than Many Realize


As serious preppers, we're all familiar with the various amounts of materials that can really help us out while living off the grid or bugging out.

We're all especially familiar with canvas and how useful it can be. Canvas is extremely durable and pretty easy to find and supply ourselves with.

Did you know that it can be used for a lot more than clothing and some shelter? The suggestions on the next page will show you just how helpful canvas material can be while you're bugging out and working on bushcraft tasks.

If you have some extra canvas lying around, you'll be glad to know that you can use it for more than just shelter!

Check out the next page to find out how you can use canvas for bushcraft skills and more!

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  1. Don Lancaster said:

    I do living history as my Patriot of Maryland Captain Sinclair Lancaster, I use canvas tarp pitched in the plow point 19 degrees was the coldest but had a reflective fire in front and used wool blankets and straw inside my large pillow ticking bed (basically a insulated pad or bed) I was very comfortable.