Why a Person May Want to Skip the Painkillers and Take These Instead


While as preppers we all know how important it is to pack as many over-the-counter medications for a collapse, eventually, your supply may dwindle down to nothing.

Of course, during SHTF, we're all prepared for a complete end of medication production. So what's the solution for this problem? Natural pain relievers and treatments.

That's right, by choosing the right natural ingredients, you can make your own medication to relieve anything from fevers, colds and even pain after injury.

It's all about knowing what plants to use and how to harvest them for maximum use.

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  1. Nick Scala said:

    Fact check your articles before posting. Found 5 incorrect statements within 2 minutes. Also modern painkillers are derived from plants and require minimal synthetic chemicals to create them. Ill stick to Vicodin, thanks