Who Knew You Could Use Chapstick for a Multitude of SHTF Uses – Wow!

chapstick uses

We have always been a supporter of any single item that can be tossed into a bag or backpack and used as a resource for more than one survival venture. This is the sort of clever innovation that saves lives when survivalists are out in the wilderness.

Honestly, we get free Chapstick samples in the mail all of the time, receive it from friends and occasionally as party gifts. We have even received a couple as stocking stuffers last Christmas.

We love them and use them but who knew there was more to Chapstick than the obvious lip protection!

Visit the next page and check out the video that'll show many wonderful things you can do with a single tube of Chapstick. It will amaze you and also stun you a little too!

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  1. Phil Tyndall said:

    Rubbed on dry grass or cotton wool and you have some fantastic tinder.

  2. Paul Smith said:

    Same as cotton balls and a lil Vaseline. I carry small quantities of both in my bug out, among other things to ensure fire in damp conditions.

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