When the Crunch is Here, Head to These States for the Best Chance to Survive


Many people already have an idea as to where they're going to live when a disaster makes itself known. They may have fortified shelters ready to go whereas others may bug in. Both ideas work just as well but it's the location that matters the most.

There will be states in the US that are better to head to and dwell in than other states when the crunch is here. Some of this is subjective, of course, and will have everything to do with where you're located in the United States and where you decide to go.

The states you head for when the world is looking grim will also depend on who you are going to meet and what kind of help you're going to receive along the way. If you already have a great bug out home waiting you may not need to look for a better home.

On the next page check out one prepper's ideas as to what he feels are the best states to head for when the crunch has arrived. You may not agree with him but if you listen to his advice your odds of surviving will likely increase!

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  1. Chris Kennewell said:

    When SHTF the number one place you don’t want to be is on this map….actually it’s this whole map. In fact the northern hemisphere is basically a no-go zone.