When the Collapse Happens, SHTF Won’t Care About These 10 Things

wake up

Get ready for the biggest wake-up call of your prepping life. If you are of a procrastinating nature, maybe you've been putting off loading up on your SHTF supplies as well. We've all been there:

“Oh, I'll do that when I have a little more money.” Or “Now's not a good time, I'll do that when…” If you've been putting off stocking up, getting in shape, and formulating your plans, when SHTF you likely won't be prepared.

Let's face it: there's never really a good time for anything. If we go through life always waiting for the ideal time to do things, nothing would ever get done. This is particularly the case for prepping; your life is at stake.

SHTF doesn't care about your plans or when you are going to start doing things. Go to the next page for the biggest wake-up call of your life.

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