When All Hell Breaks Loose, These 21 Practical Survival Skills Will Save Your Life

SHTF riot

In The Event Of People Tossing Aside Society's Rules (aka SHTF), Prepare NOW Instead of Becoming a Target…

Survival is about more than just having food and water and a roof over your head. It's a range of skills that we use on a daily basis that must be modified in a SHTF situation to guarantee long-term survival.

While many commonly think that having survival skills means creating a fire or building a shelter or trapping food, it's more than that. For example, in the event of a situation that has led to a tossing aside of society's rules (literally every upheaval in history; it happens quite often), those skills must be used with discretion to avoid the unwanted attention of people who will not have prepared.

For many who are entering a state of societal upheaval, their plan will be to take from those who have had the foresight to prepare. Prepare ahead of time, and don't let yourself be a target in these situations.

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  1. Christian Seeber said:

    Great read, but the 21st tip here really didn’t have to go the “Jesus” route.