When a Tick Won’t Come Off, This Genius Tick Removing Tool Will Help!

tick on skin

We cannot tell you how often we’ve had to remove ticks from pour poor dog, principally around Summertime. He always manages to get chewed on by the little pests at least three or four times during the warmer weather.

However, lately, we’ve noticed a couple embedded ticks, even now that it’s cooling off. What is more, it’s not just on the dog but on us as well! Yuck!

Yes, we are adults and can take care of the little buggers easily enough with tweezers and tissue. But wouldn’t it be really great to have a tool made especially for the purpose of ridding us of those dreaded ticks? An uncomplicated device, something we can throw into our bug-out bag, and easy to use …

And now there is one!

Go over to the next page and we will show you a terrific tool to rid you of those horrible ticks. Your spouse, children, and even Rover will thank you!

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  1. David W. Wright said:

    I know from experience that Campho-Phenique works very well at causing the tick to extract itself and try to get away, deadens any pain and itching (analgesic), and it’s an anti-septic. It also works wonders for me on many other non-tick related issues.

  2. David Dathe said:

    A new, reasonable method to remove ticks. However, the page needs an editor. “The range of a tick is very varied, but generally, they perform warmth and humidity” is a terrible sentence. Edited: “The range of a tick is varied, and generally they prefer warmth and humidity.”

  3. Kim Phillips said:

    Fastest methods I’ve found and treated repeatedly is to gently “spin” its body around its head. I use a q-tip. Every time, the tick withdraws its head and it is a no fuss removal. Ten seconds, tops. And no more tears 🙂

  4. Sonia James said:

    Hi…Mike how are you doing?would like to know you,if you don’t mind

  5. Jason Wells said:

    Simple Trick: Get a paper clip and hat the tip with a lighter. Poke the tick in the$#%&[email protected]* He will release real fast and try to get away

  6. Parker Bergman said:

    f**k this page! Keep buzzin my phone in w giveaways that are actually malware.

  7. Tyler Barnes said:

    Vaseline or any type of thick stuff to put over the tick so it cannot breath it backs out, I tried burning onew out didn’t work

  8. Dee Watkins said:

    I’m not a homesteader, but have been around the woods most my life. Pulled several off of my dogs through the years but have never had one on me. Knock wood…

  9. Dee Watkins said:

    I wonder if it’s something I eat or don’t that’s the reason.

  10. Chris Hatanaka said:

    Just unfollowed this page… that’s a perfect way to leave the head in there or teeth. Vaseline is the best way. It smothers the tick it will pull itself out. I hope someone doesn’t take one of these bad ideas and try it at home…