What You Should NEVER Be Caught Wearing After the Collapse. If You Do, You Won’t Stand a Chance

what to wear during a collapse

In today's episode of What Not To Wear, we decide on what is the worst wardrobe mistake ever when entering a post-collapse situation.

When SHTF and we discover that we're back in the Stone Age once more, many preppers will be tempted to vanish in the woods and live out their days away from the rest of society. If this sounds like your plan, looks like you have it all sorted out.

And if this is your plan, it's still a good idea to have good camouflage at your bug out cabin so that you're able to hunt and survey the property without others catching on to you.

However, if your plan is to leave your home in the city dressed up in full tactical gear, camo pants, and shirt, and a military grade face mask and tons of weapons, guess who is going to get shot?

Yeah, that would be you.

To find out why donning full tactical gear during and after a collapse is a super bad idea, head to the next page where you can watch and eye-opening video. 

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  1. Jordan Rud said:

    I was a responder in the Army for Katrina, and can say that nobody from my unit dis-armed anyone. I didn’t see other units doing it, didn’t see cops doing it, and I spent some time in/out of the command center, and saw no policy about it. That guy starts off nice about not wearing the gear that says he has a gun, but when it gets to the Katrina mis-information, I quit watching. Generally you shouldn’t worry about police and military in a collapse. You should worry about other people.

  2. Steve Benckert said:

    There are plenty of videos of LE diagraming citizens out there. Maybe you didn’t see it, but it happened.

  3. Nick Slone said:

    So no riot gear, tactical suit helmet, gear ,cantine ,kevlar backpack sidearm, shotguns and hummers??!

  4. Nick Slone said:

    Oh they will. Next to my humongous signal fire…i can make one of those right?