What Type of Home Protection Firearm Should a Person Own?


Like it or not, firearms are increasing in popularity mainly because more and more people realize that when it comes to self-defense, they are the only defense they have.

Police do an incredible job getting to a crime in progress, but if a firearm is needed for protection, even they usually get there too late to make much of a difference.

And their presence is contingent on someone being able to alert them a crime is happening in the first place. This is tough to do if your hands are full with a criminal.

Because of those realities as well as fearsome politicians want to meddle with firearm ownership, gun sales are through the roof.

What kind of gun, though, should you own if you decide you need one?

That depends on the purpose you have in mind, but if the issue is home protection, on the next page, we cover three of the most reliable, affordable and popular.

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  1. Don Jones said:

    The one your comfortable with, any is better than none.

  2. Ixora Roberts said:

    Depends on the person and situation! Home defense, concerned carry or open carry! Also training and skill level!

  3. Josh Harden said:

    My go to is my Benelli nova 12 gauge pump but I keep the 44 mag at the ready

  4. Collin Taft said:

    A few big dogs that are specifically bred to gard. And also a few guns.

  5. Tyler Barnes said:

    .40 cal minimum large capacity, AR 15 8 clips loaded with hollow points in case you have to chop their get away rig in half

  6. Frank Bromley said:

    Shotgun is the best in close quarters really don’t have to aim causes more damage at short range and if you miss the target using buckshot it won’t go thru your walls and maybe kill an innocent person

  7. Ivarr Siguroarson said:

    20ga pump-action shotgun. Majority of people are not stress-trained in handgun use so the % of hitting an intruder is minimal. The sound of a pump-action is a universally recognized sound that will inform an intruder you are armed. In close quarters (7 yards typically) the numerous pellets in an 8oz load pattern spread will allow for trigger-jerk where a a single bullet will be a miss. Also, a missed shot becomes a rogue round that could penetrate wall(s) and potentially injure/kill an innocent that you will be charged with. 8oz pellets will lose their ‘power’ once they first hit an obstacle so over-penetration typically isn’t an issue. And the recoil of a 20ga is less so reload retarget is quicker and therfore usable by both genders and wider age range.

  8. Frank Bromley said:

    But not like a 45 or 9mm yrs anything will go thru walls but it won’t be a projectile going thru

  9. Cathy Dunn said:

    Defenatly; At least A 12 Gauge!!! And Loaded At All Times!!!

  10. Von Doz said:

    It is hard to beat any shotgun when in the home. When it comes to general protection I prefer a .40.

  11. Adam Stewart said:

    A compact pistol for conceal carry.

    A reliable shotgun for short range close quarters like 870.

    A medium range rifle that is most reliable, AK47.

    A reliable long range rifle.

    Have plenty of ammo.

  12. Matthew Fitch said:

    All you have to do is rack a pump-action shotgun and perps will take off running.