What to Do When a Home Gets Invaded…


Whether we like it or not, a home invasion is a possibility, no matter where you live.

Urban, suburban, rural, even wilderness, it does not matter.

If someone is desperate enough or is a criminal, invading your home is a possibility.

This is particularly true in tough economic times or if you live in an area plagued by substance abuse issues (like the heroin epidemic currently running wild across the USA).

No one is immune, that is just a fact and it is particularly true in a survival situation where the numbers of unprepared, desperate people will rise exponentially to the duration of the survival crisis.

So what can you do if you are a victim of a home invasion?

There are a number of strategies you can employ and on the next page we will cover them.

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  1. Simon Bourdain said:

    first asses how armed they are , then do whats needed to keep your family safe either fight back with deadly intention or just comply and stay calm!

  2. Roy Gokenbach said:

    12 gauge, 00 buck will do the job nicely. Fear is your enemy. Take charge immediately, shoot to kill, no talk.

  3. Jeff Joslin said:

    I’ll tell you what happens next if someone invades my home, if they can get pass our 160lb. rott. Which by that time everyone in the house will be awake, they get shot!

  4. Richard Baker said:

    While dog is opening his leg, hit him with ball peen hammer. Drag to swamp and make deposit…