What Makes THIS Item Something Vital That Every Prepper Should Have at Their Side During a Collapse

bullet calliber


Now, more than ever before, prepping for a chaos situation is vital and there are simply some things that must be thought about ahead of time. Food and power are certainly up there on the list but also safety and security.

Even these days when our rights are trounced on and when angry men and women do foolish things to get back at the world, we need to be able to protect what is ours. In essence, what is the best weapon we can have in our arsenal now and when the SHTF?

That would be the powerful .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) cartridge!

There are definite reasons and we will explain them all over on the next page!

It will all become fairly clear when you know that this is the pistol that was carried by the United States Calvary.

It is also reliable and that is reason enough to want this in your gun cabinet! Go check it out!

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One Comment;

  1. Mike Diffen said:

    I don’t know if this is sincere or a deliberate attempt to reignite the caliber wars that have been going on most of a century. For defense against two-legged varmints I prefer the .357 magnum to the .45 ACP, but others should use whatever they like best.