We Can Own One of Six Lighthouses for Around 10k. Here’s How:


When we were young we had this wonderful dream of living in a lighthouse. We thought of it almost like a genie's bottle, where the bottom level is round. We’d have one of those cool sectional sofas spread around the inside parameter and we’d have a little kitchenette off in a corner where we could cook up French toast and hot chocolate (hey, we said we were young!). Then, right in the middle of the light house was that long spiral staircase going up-up-up! Oh, the things we could do with that!

Now that we are an adult we realize the silliness of that dream – until now!

Even though the government will retain ownership of the land underneath the lighthouse structure and the property surrounding the area, triumphant would-be home owners will have a chance to restore, renovate and redevelop whatever lighthouse they choose to its former glory! And the lighthouse will be all theirs!

If ever you were looking for an out of the ordinary bug-out shelter this could be it! Go over to the next page and read more!

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