Want a Chicken’s Eggs to Taste Incredible? Feed Chickens These 3 Things!


We all know that a well balanced diet is incredibly important to our health. The same goes for the sources in which we receive our meals. If you eat eggs and have your own flock of chickens in your homestead, feeding them a proper diet will also improve their health and the taste of their eggs.

If you're wondering what you need to feed your chickens for tastier eggs, give this article a read!

Changing your chickens' diet will not only make them happier and healthier, but you will be able to enjoy and consume their improved and wholesome byproducts.

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  1. Wesley Ball said:

    They get high protin and fresh grass daily purina laying mash egg everyday

  2. Donna Shuford said:

    Our chickens eat oatmeal, kale, carrots, raisin bran, cheerios, cucumber skins, romaine lettuce, and oyster shells along with some cracked corn.

  3. Tucker Brooks said:

    I kill the squirrels that are after my other fruits and veggies, butcher them and then feed little scraps of meat to the chickens. They love it and will even fight over the pieces of meat. 😉