(VIDEO) You Can Effortlessly Throw a Knife… Without Spin!

throwing a knife

If You Have A Knife And An Area For Target Practice, We Highly Recommend Watching The Video Below. This Cool Technique Of Throwing A Knife Without Spin Is NOT Difficult To Master And Once You Have It Down You'll Be All Set.

If you've ever seen a movie or even been to a renaissance fair, chances are you've seen someone at some point throwing knives.

Usually, they spin a lot through the air and always somehow magically land on target, digging the point in deep to whatever they were throwing at.

Of course, seeing this, at some point you've probably thought “that's so friggin' awesome, I want to try it.” Then you do try it and fail time and time again because the handle keeps hitting the target. So you move back or closer, but the handle still hits. No matter what you do, you can't get it to stick every time.

Sure, knife throwing really isn't a skill that's very useful, especially because by the time you've lined up your shot, counted your paces, and actually thrown the knife, you could have shot an entire magazine at the target, reloaded, and unloaded another magazine.

But knife throwing is fun, especially when you know how to do it. A big stumbling block people encounter while throwing a knife is that the knife spins through the air too much. But what if you could throw it with no spin at all?

Check out this tried and true method of no-spin knife throwing technique on the next page.

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  1. Rodney Winters said:

    In real life throwing a knife is not very smart in a combat situation. Your throwing away your weapon, so if you miss or don’t hit a vital organ, your screwed. Plus not guaranteed deep penetration. A better tactic would be keep the knife, close the distance and strike multiple times. Save the throwing for the movies…….. JMO

  2. Steve Nichols said:

    Can try it w/ the kunai– but it looks like this technique might require a heavier blade vs. handle weight balance to be successful? Can maybe find time this weekend to test it out…

  3. Sean Michael said:

    That’s what I was thinking too, might need to be a little bit heavier

  4. navrat said:

    A thrown knife, even if it doesn’t stick, can be a great feint if followed up by something else. With good intruction and proper practice, there is very little time involved to draw the knife and “shoot”.

  5. Chad Mathis said:

    Troy and I can be great fun and sport. My kids and I do it. But it’s about as useful in a survival situation as knowing how to bowl. After all a bowling ball toss could knock somebody’s feet out from under them and maybe break it ankle.

  6. Barbara Bolton said:

    A family member has a knife throw practice board set up. Need to learn it too. Should be fun to hit a bullseye!