(Video) Without a Permit, Here’s a Way to Build a Cabin Under $500!


Somewhere in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, there sits a 10×10 cabin, built on private property. It is small but surprising charming and cozy.

An expert builder might look at it and think some things could be done better than others but, sincerely, this place has many future years to come! In other words, done by hand – no big machinery – it is well built!

The builder, with the help of a friend and some kids, being taught construction skills, managed to build the cabin for under five hundred dollars ($500.00) and – amazingly – because of its size, the cabin did not need a permit!

To watch a great video about the cabin, to see it inside and out, go on over to the next page!

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  1. Mark Farmer said:

    Yea, buy enough land and have at it. Windmill and solar with a wood stove. Keep your mouth shut and you’re probably safe.

  2. Mike Lemmon said:

    Here in Texas you can build whatever and however you want on your own rural land without any permit. The only thing required to be permitted and inspected is if you’re installing a septic system. Even that can be bypassed if you do a midnight installation!