(VIDEO) With Just Two Home Ingredients, You Can Ease a Poison Ivy and Oak Rash

poison ivy rash

Nothing sucks worse than poison ivy (or oak or sumac). It is the ultimate party pooper for camping trips and many people find that no matter what high-strength itch-fighters they pack, they will never be able to get rid of the intense, stinging itch. Little do they know, only two ingredients are the cure for their suffering.

Baking soda and vinegar. We see these ingredients a lot in old wives' tales. They really pull their weight, so it stands to reason that you should stock up on as much of this stuff as possible. While this method will hurt pretty bad when you're applying it, the relief it will give you for hours afterward is well worth the suffering.

Another bonus: because you aren't itching, you will heal so much faster.

This is a great trick for anyone interested in not only lowering their cost (those medications ain't cheap) but for having a solution that actually works.


  1. Tim Pegram said:

    Amanda Palmer Thompson. this might be something to look into