(Video) With Just One Tool, Discover a Way to Get Water During a Survival Situation

getting water with a knife


Our survival training may seem never ending and for a good reason. There is always more to learn.

Take water for instance. Only a fool will travel into the wilderness without a solid, spill proof canteen filled with fresh water. Yet things happen. A canteen can fall over or, if it’s a particularly warm day, you may drink it all before you get to your camping sight and the fresh water river you planned to tap.

Worse yet, what if you get lost? Don't fool yourself. It can happen.

There you are, without water and possibly days or weeks worth of hiking until you find civilization again. You will need water but how to find it if the lake eludes you!? Try a tree.

The tutorial on page two is brought to us by Schrade Quick Tip Video. They will show us how to gather water in a survival situation, using only your ever faithful knife and, yes, trees.

Go take a look at the video and learn something new.

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