(Video) With a Little Bit of Preparation, Here’s How to Make an Emergency Gas Mask


For preppers, a gas mask is a must-have item for any occasion. When the air isn't safe to breathe, a gas mask can really work wonders.

While having a gas mask is a must, we might not all have access to one. Did you know that you can easily make your own? It's true!

With a few materials you have around the house, you can construct your own gas mask that can save your lungs in an emergency.

The process is pretty simple and this video tutorial will show you just how to put it together. You'll be glad that you'll have your own DIY gas mask if it's ever needed.

Watch and find out how you can make your own gas mask at home on the video on the next page!

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  1. Timothy John said:

    I would love to see someone test that in a tear gas training chamber.

  2. Loki Odinson said:

    preparation … emergency ..
    usually one doesnt have time to prep in an emergency…
    i suggest just being prepared by getting an actual gas mask that works, and keep it in your gobag..

  3. Bill Lozier said:

    Russapublican are selling their souls for political gain former President Ronald Reagan is spining in his grave