(Video) Will a Throwing Knife, Axe, or Tomahawk Kill a Person if Thrown at Their Chest? One Man Tests This Out Using Ribs!

Tomhawk and Target

When it comes to weapons and protection, either during the end of days or during a simple (is there such a thing?) natural disaster there will come a time when you may need to protect your family.

Sometimes we cannot emphasize that enough because, in all honesty, we do not know what will happen during a time like that — but we can certainly guess! Chaos brings on a mob mentality and while it may not happen overnight, it more than likely will eventually happen.

If there comes a time when you need to pick up a weapon either to protect yourself from an animal, during a bug-out situation, or another human being you need to know you can handle said weapon.

It can be a gun or a knife but if it is a blade of some kind be sure you can throw it accurately and know it will penetrate your target.

So saying, we were curious about various bladed protection and found a great video featuring a knife throwing expert who shows us quite clearly what he feels are the best throwing weapons. Will a tomahawk kill a person if thrown at his or her chest, abdomen, or ribs?

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  1. Steve Slaughter said:

    Is that the same guy who blew up the pickup & barely missed getting hit by flying metal parts? And now he’s throwing sharp things, better run!

  2. Michael Barnes said:

    Probably because you have a knock off if it says k-bar the real thing is spelt ka-bar

  3. Joe Fox said:

    You are gonna want to hang on to your weapon…when your gun runs out you don’t throw it either. This is romantic bs. Too much television.

  4. Donovan James said:

    I have a grandfors bruks throwing ax and would sink to the handle in a chest.

  5. Joe Fox said:

    Say your ninja batman skillz are a bit dull that day…your just gonna lose your hatchet and be standing there looking silly.

  6. Joe Fox said:

    Btw hand to hand combat is much easier with your knife or hatchet in your hand and not in a ditch or something.

  7. Dennis Woods said:

    Hmmm ! Point I take away from this is unless you throw a lot and have the proper distance for the spin and weight you probably just lost your weapon unless you got really lucky. I must say it sure looks fun though.

  8. Kristopher Crowley said:

    If it doesn’t kill someone, then they sure as hell aren’t going to want to get up after getting hit with one.
    Even if it doesn’t stick correctly

  9. Thomas Daniel Gunter said:

    In the hands of the right thrower, yes. In the hands of most of us probably get you chased down and your$#%&!@*kicked…

  10. Blake Foley said:

    Original Ka-bar is purposely made from a softer steel than modern knives. It was made for military use, and dueto it’s softer composition is easier to sharpen, and will also bend rather than break like a harder knife might. They are very durable.

  11. Michael Heijink said:

    I do it out of my head and dont look on the knife and i am not English but dutch

  12. Steve Ezinga said:

    Not sure how many takes you did –but nice throwing. Typically throwing is iffy at best for me. Hold – spin and distance are all crucial and not well controlled in a spontaneous situation. My own summary is to hang on to your weapon cause your chances of sticking your weapon point first in a throw and much less than Fifty fifty.
    Be more than embarrassing to have your opponent use your own weapon on you.

  13. Dan Beck said:

    We throw knives and hawks regularly here. Mine will definitely break bones or do other catastrophic damage. We teach safety first to our students at the Pack Rat School of High Performance Hawkery and Knife Works. In the advanced group, we also throw in the dark with the hawks covered in glow stick goo! Loads of fun.

  14. Thomas Whitten said:

    None of them has to kill. They just have to be disabled from coming at you. Best thing to do is to avoid the situation all together.