[VIDEO] Wilderness Survival Shelters – What You Need to Know

survival shelter

Unless you find yourself in a survival situation where the elements are not an issue, finding or constructing a shelter is critical to your making it out in one piece.

Barring a situation where a shelter is not imperative, in the immediate situation, shelter is the number one priority.

After you have secured shelter, you can focus on other priorities like fire, water and food.

What kind of shelter, though, depends on what environmental factors you are facing and what materials are at your avail. To that extent, it is an open question.

There are four critical elements to building survival shelters – shingles, insulation, fire and air proofing.

By assessing your environment and the materials at hand, you can build a shelter for an emergency, short-term and long-term and with practice, even make it a comfortable place to spend your time.

To learn how to assess what you need to build survival shelters, please watch the video on the next page.

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