(Video) Why We’ve Been Applying a Band-Aid Incorrectly This Entire Time…

band aid

You've got a minor scratch that needs a little attention. It won't stop bleeding so it looks like you're going to need a band-aid.

Before you rip it open and apply it, there is a way to correctly wear a bandaid. How could that be? It's not rocket science!

Well, when you see this impressive technique, wearing band-aids will feel a heck of a lot more comfortable.

Instead of having stiff fingers or having it slip off, this technique will not only make sure your band-aid is on correctly, but it will also make it last longer. You need to see this hack!

Watch and learn how this easy hack can change the way you wear band-aids forever on the video on the next page!

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  1. Greg Cooper Sr. said:

    these type of articles are really stupid. just like the food network show, you’re eating it wrong. really? putting on a bandage is not rocket science. the is a sticky side with a sterile pad and there is the other side. damn, which side should i put next to my wound???? come on Die Hard Survivor, you can do better than this.

  2. Dana Edward Hayes said:

    Not to mention that they pre-make butterfly band-aids that are already shaped like that. No need to cut a larger band-aid unless you don’t have the correct one.

  3. Mark Keane said:

    Suppose if you buy large ones in bulk to save money and cut to use it would be better.

  4. Tim Harrington said:

    You know they sell those in stores already fabricated… Just sayin’… it’s kind of like making a hack for a wash cloth by cutting a hand towel in half, or you could just buy one

  5. Carl Hickey said:

    In Russia, band aids come with Vodka. You drink Vodka, then forget you need band aid!

  6. Brandon Plutino said:

    How about nobody wear Band-Aids because blood coagulates on its own and your white blood cells fight bacterial infections. You fucking idiots. Like humanity made it this far BECAUSE OF THE METHOD YOU TAPE A PIECE OF VINYL TO YOUR WOUNDS! Somebody save the world From the internet already

  7. Brandon Plutino said:

    Maybe Americans are making money by being completely retarded. Like rewarding failures with plastic trophies. Congratulations, you survived to the age of 80….Somehow….although you dressed your wounds improperly and lived life like a complete p***y