(VIDEO) When SHTF, You’ll Need a Aramgeddon Response Bag Like This Prepper’s. Check it Out!

armaggedon bag

Having an Armageddon Response Bag may not be high on the priority list for a lot of people, but for those of us who like to keep prepared for all of life's little hiccups, the bag below is an excellent way to stay on top of things.

This bag has all of the basics covered: game and threat takedown, first aid, every basic tool you could need, and all in a package that is about a quarter of the size of most of the other bug out bags you see frequently online.

While he obviously can't carry as much gear, he still has all of his basics covered in a light and nimble pack. As he said at the beginning of the video, his main concern is speed. If this is not a priority for you, by all means, pack a larger bag.

The most important thing for a prepper is that they are comfortable with the gear they're carrying.

This is a fun little tour of a great bag that I'm sure a lot of preppers will be adding to their wish lists.


  1. Anonymous said:

    Excellent video and bag. A little to electronic heavy for !y tastes but excellent otherwise.

  2. Shawn Phipps said:

    nice bag, but like he said everyone will make their bag to suit their needs. With thought in mind it is missing a few things I would take, and some of his load I would do without. For instance – I would want more water options, a heavy poncho, some para cord, zip ties and most importantly a good knife! things I would do without…. well lets not go there, as everything in his bag is useful, just I have a different skill set.

  3. Alan Key said:

    If one is smart, they would already have said bags stashed in different places ( miles apart ) for reasons of not carrying so much and if a bag gets found or taken away from you.

  4. Glen Duncan said:

    Good to have caches I got 2 buried along rail road track my bug out route. When I go up to the farm I can see the location from a dirt road that cross it, I can look and see if anything wrong. I got mine buried

  5. JP Kruchten said:

    Lacking cordage (550 cord), dental floss and dental hygiene (toothbrush), hand soap, dish soap or SOS pad, snare or yo-yo fish reel for passive fishing/trapping (see photo), some type of shovel/digging tool and a bigger knife (Kabar type), axe and maybe a hand saw. He had 2 flashlights, but a small headlamp type allows hands free. I like some moleskin and an ACE bandage, medicated powder, anti-diarrhea and Vaseline in the first aid kit and some type of odorless icyhot/bengay. A 55 gallon heavy duty trash bag has many uses. Reduce the amount of food carried and concentrate on tools. Always have extra socks. Good kit, just needs some extras.

  6. Jeff Gallup said:

    Id like to know what kind of bag that is instead of knowing he has nasal spray packed. ..anyone know what bag he has?

  7. Arnold Kidla said:

    I don’t believe in a bug-out bag. $#%&[email protected]*hits the fan and I’m bugging in.

    Where ya going to go? Bug-in bag is needed.

    I do keep a prep bag in truck just in case.

    My house! I’m protecting my stuff

  8. JP Kruchten said:

    I can see a short bug out if the area was being swept or in the event of a man made crisis.

  9. Duane Patterson said:

    All it would take is one EMP exploded twenty miles up in the middle of the country and we all would be back 200 years.