(VIDEO) What?! Repair Your Gear with This Insanely Easy Agave Thread Hack

agave thread

When you hear about successful survivalist stories, one of the most common factors that they all share is the ability to use whatever they have on hand or whatever they can find to adjust their situation so that it is more in their favor.

In this example, envision yourself camping in the Sonora desert, a popular location. You have experienced a tear in your tent or your tarp, which if left unrepaired will expose you and whomever you are with to the elements.

Unfortunately, you have either lost your repair kit along the way, or it never made it into your gear in the first place. Being the successful survivor you are, you look around at the local fauna to find an answer to your predicament.

Your eyes rest on the agave, one of the most useful plants in the desert. Take a look at the video on the next page to see just how easy it is to use this common plant to mend rips and tears.

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