(VIDEO) Watch the Mind Blowing Construction and Use of a Stone Adze

stone adze

Before modern metal tools and amazing inventions which have made living like cavemen obsolete, our ancestors utilized literally every resource at their disposal to just live from one day to the next.

This often meant crafting tools from scratch using stones and sticks gathered from the forest around them and taking hours, and sometimes days, just to do something that would take a fraction of the time today.

This remarkable patience and willingness to persevere saw rise to some of the most useful tools ever created–tools that still exist to this day in some form or another due to their unerring simplicity.

One such tool is the adze, which is still used for some applications today, albeit in a tough carbon steel, which was used to fell trees and often for digging up roots and other edibles.

To learn how to make one of these awesome stone tools, take note of the video on the next page.

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  1. Robert Huskey said:

    A 1000 years from now humans will still do the same even if gun powder magically stops working tomorrow?