(VIDEO) Watch How to Make a Primitive Fish Trap so You Can Have a Tasty Meal When SHTF!

primitive fish trap

In a survival situation, you don’t always know the location that you will be when SHTF. It’s essential to know how to respond to the variety of environments and know their ecosystems so that you have a better chance of hunting, fishing, and gathering successfully.

You want to be just as prepared in the desert as you are in the woods. And you also need to know how to catch fish when you find yourself on a riverbank or lake without any type of fishing gear.

Luckily, this primitive technique has got you covered. All you need is a large stick and a body of water. By some quicksand manipulation, you’ll have a pool of minnows to sustain if you’re starving.

See how to use this primitive technique to your advantage by checking out the video on the next page!

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