(VIDEO) Wait Until You See This Prepper’s Bug Out Trailer – I Still Can’t Stop Thinking About It!

bug out vehicle trailer

When bugging out, one of the most important things you can do is not stand out. You don't want others to know you're prepared for a bug out situation because it means you have things they may try and take.

This guy went the extra mile and designed a bug out trailer that he can haul with him. It looks like a cargo trailer, but wait until you see what's inside.

Having a bug out trailer may actually be an awesome idea. This way, if you had the means, you could purchase a few undeveloped properties and depending on where you are when SHTF you could just travel to the closest one.

Also, if vulnerable people are on to you, you could simply pick up and move to avoid a confrontation when they inevitably want your goods.

What makes this trailer great is that you have no idea when looking at it that it's outfitted for living in. It looks just like a cargo trailer, and that's the whole point.


  1. Tyler Smith said:

    So stealth…forgot to block your plates..lmao address where it’s registered is……oh wait I am not that evil .. #marauderbait #stillhere

  2. Dingus said:

    Not impressive. My work trailer conversion is better. And I have seen s**t tons better stealth campers out there by people with less skill. But if you are easily impressed by this then enjoy!

  3. Greg said:

    I like your trailer. Here comes the “but”. Could you have gone with a vertical water, so you would have more room for propane, tall items?

  4. Daniel Hillman said:

    It’s a great project but the other posters are correct you should have thought a little bit more about opsec

  5. Chevy Jim said:

    Depending on what happens this could be good or bad. No such thing as a single solid plan for every situation. Personally I am against the trailer idea.

  6. Tony Barone said:

    What you need to go with that is an old truck with points instead of electronic ignition. Then you could roll after an EMP. You would be stoked!

  7. Chris Posterino said:

    We went to a 4 day mud bog last month, and a guy had a trailer like that bolted down to an 18′ car trailer.
    Roof ac, fold down beds, camper stove oven combo and gun locker.
    With his ATV on the back.

  8. Bill Davis said:

    Until you get to the first underpass covered in armed hungry people,…..

  9. Mitchell Hreha said:

    And you hit gridlock and get to abandon that pretty trailer full of gear. Great.

  10. Michael Corey said:

    It would be better to have the trailer pre staged and camouflaged in a designated, and thoroughly surveyed area. Instead of taking it with you. That way if you hit grid lock, you can go on foot.

  11. Tony Long said:

    Propane should have been his first consideration. Not very self sufficient.