(VIDEO) Utilize This Primitive Bow Survival Trap and Get a Quick Meal at Your Bug Out Cabin!

bow trap

One of your best friends in the event of any survival situation is any of the series of traps you may need to make to get food not only for yourself but your family. This may be a series of small metal traps, snares, or a set of deadfalls.

However, there's one main issue with these types of traps — they're designed to take down small game that's usually no bigger than a rabbit. This isn't a problem if you're only feeding yourself, but if you have a family or a group of people to support, it won't be too long before you wish you had a way to get some game that can provide enough food to feed everyone for weeks.

While you could use a gun to go hunting with or utilize a spear or bow, chances are wandering around in the woods won't do a lot of good to fill up your growling stomach.

Luckily, if you want to get some large game, there is a trap that'll work wonders at catching you a deer, for example. Check how you can build it from scratch by watching the video after the break. 

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