(Video) Try This Quick and Simple Trick to Keep Feet Warm While Bugging Out


Now that we're experiencing winter it's time to seriously think about the cold and how it can affect us. It's not just about that moment when you crawl out of bed and have to face an unheated and cold kitchen or bathroom floor, but it's also considering the cold weather in the great outdoors!

In the wilderness, there will inevitably be frost and likely snow out there and if you're planning to camp or bug out in the wilderness practicing survival skills such as knowing how to keep your feet warm is vital!

Anything that'll keep our feet cozy when the temps outside decide to dip below freezing is a good idea in our book!

It turns out all it takes is purchasing something at a dollar store to keep your feet a little bit warmer while spending time outdoors during the winter.

On the next page check out a helpful video that'll help you stay warm during the winter.

Socks are great, but what they have in mind to help with your shoes and how to take care of your feet in the cold is fantastic!

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  1. Nancy Gail Patrick said:

    LPC, here is a great and cheap hint that could help with the homeless drive..
    Might be something worth considering..

  2. Rob Lowery said:

    Dumbest thing to do. This will aid in making your feet sweat….. then causing them to get cold. Layers…..