(Video) Top 10 Bug-Out Shelters and 3 of the Best Budget Tents

man in tent

The second principle of the “Principles of Three” is that you have roughly three hours in severe weather to get yourself a shelter.

There is nothing magical about three hours except that in severe elements, that is about the time where your core temperature becomes majorly, negatively affected – either too hot or too cold – and death is not terribly far off.

In that scenario, you must find shelter and take measures to warm or cool yourself, above every other priority.

It does no good, for example, to find water if you are frozen to death, nor does it make sense to look for food if you will end up being dinner for a scavenger once the heat stroke becomes acute!

The video on the next page covers bug-out shelters and a few tents that will not break the bank, but could save you in a survival crisis!

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