(VIDEO) This Textile Made From Bark Fiber is Incredible. When You See How This Survivalists Makes It? Awe-Inspiring!

woven bark fiber

It is so easy in this day and age to buy throw rugs or any type of material that meets with our approval. Most are all manufactured and fine to look at. Yet, often we wonder what it might feel like to pick a design and make our own.

Certainly, there are weaving classes about, some run by preppers and naturalists. Once you buy a few supplies and are taught how to use a loom, it is satisfying to see the eventual product.

However, what if the material you are asked to weave is not fabric but made from bark fiber?

The video over on the next page introduces us to this wonderful world of making of textiles from nature!

It is fascinating to watch and, truly, anyone once they learn a few fine points can do it. Some with a little more accuracy than others but once learned improvements can be made!

After the break learn how you can make textile from bark fiber. 

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