(Video) This Solo Female Traveler Gives Us Serious Wanderlust and Demonstrates Vital Survival Skills Everyone Should Learn


If you've ever wondered what it was like to live a simpler life on the road with a trusty canine companion, we've got something for you! Meet Alex, a young woman who lives in a spruced up camper van with her dog Talkeenta, and find out why she chose a more adventurous route.

In this video, you will discover how to transform a plain van and make it more personal. You will also learn how to live off the grid with solar panels and to set up a makeshift electric system. You will also see how to camp and park in urban areas safely.

Living on the road is an adventure few will experience in their lifetime. It's not a lifestyle that suits everyone, but for many of the people who opt for it discover a new way of living that changes their lives for the better. It feels good when you know you can adapt to new situations and come up with creative ways to do things on the road.

If you're dreaming of a short-term or long-term road travel adventure, please check out the next page for the video.

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    I wouldn’t paint too rosey of a picture. It’s a hard life I’m sure. My guess is she has plenty of money to fall back on when needed.

  2. Roger Mathers said:

    I don’t have to wonder, I can tell you first hand, it sucks, and very dangerous, especially for a single female

  3. Duncan Taylor said:

    Not a true survivalist just a girl with “money” traveling around with her dog in a van., still pretty cool though, wish I could do it….

  4. BNv Begay said:

    Must be fun. There are plenty of day jobs out there that pay the same day. She could be making jewelry and selling out of her van. It’s got to be exciting to travel and see many new things on the road.