(Video) This Primitive Fishing Tool Called the Gorge Hook is Something We All Need to Learn How to Make

primitive fishing tool gorge hook

One of the easiest ways to obtain food in a survival situation is to go fishing. Unless we're spearfishing, fishing requires minimal energy, minimal resources, and yields a source of excellent protein and fat when successful.

Of course, even though fishing requires minimal resources, you still need a line, bait, and a hook. Bait is easy enough, just dig up a nightcrawler like when you were a kid.

A shoelace, paracord strand, or natural fibers can be utilized to make a line. The hook poses more difficulties. If you don't have a factory-made fishing hook on hand, you could be SOL unless you know how to carve one from scratch.

Primitive people utilized hand-carved fishhooks long before the advent of the stainless steel hook, and this skill can easily be utilized again to ensure your survival when you get hungry.

Learn how to make a hand-carved fishhook on the next page.

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  1. Marc Iwata said:

    Damn…the bevels on that knife look like my Ontario Limited Edition Take 1

  2. Brent VanWie said:

    Lmao I’ve got enough hooks guns ammo and knives I’ll be fine I’m not even a prepper hell enough rods reels and line too this page isn’t for outdoorsmen it’s for wannabes

  3. Thomas Selby said:

    Most of us here have all the modern day gear, thats true, but the purpose of these survival videos is to give you tools to use if you are somewhere without those.

  4. Thomas Selby said:

    What will you do if you are 50 miles from home and your car wont run to get you to your gear at home?

  5. Darren Williams said:

    I was just looking at 2,000 yr old fish hooks at a museum that were identical to this pattern.

  6. Reuben Stocking said:

    In a survival situation a fish trap is a thousand times better than a hook and line of anysort.

  7. Bill Wilson said:

    Yes in a real Survival situation It’s important not to waste time or calories fishing like that or with rod for food is a waste of time fish traps once built will do all the work for you . Useless bullshit click bait

  8. Dustin Dailey said:

    Yeah a gorge hook is what I was trying to explain, thanks dalton for posting a working video!

  9. Jim Tonsing said:

    This sight goes to other ads. Just a trick to get u to open it. Deleted

  10. Brian Houser said:

    Gotta be smarter than the page.. click next page under the the first part of the article and the YouTube option for the video will appear under the context