(VIDEO) Prepper Shows Us His Wilderness Bug Out Bag That He Plans to Live Off Of for an Entire Year!

wilderness bug out bag

For the most part, bug out bags are widely accepted as a short-term solution to survival to get you from the area where SHTF to an area of relative safety; specifically, a bug out location.

Generally, bug out bags are recommended to last anywhere from 72 hours to two weeks. However, there is one prepper who shows us that he means business with his bug out.

The last thing you want with your bug out is to run out of critical supplies, which will put both you and whomever you are with in serious jeopardy. This prepper addresses that with his plan to live out of his bug out bag for at least a year. It's an

It's an ambitious goal, to be sure. Check out the next page to see just what he plans to carry in his bug out bag.

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  1. Joseph Perretta said:

    With the proper gear and knowledge you could live your whole life out of a bag and never need to revisit society ever again.

  2. Casey Charles said:

    The purpose is to NOT have to live out of a bag for a year. Who comes up with this stuff?

  3. Marc Davidson said:

    mabey you could, as long as you never got sick, As long as you never got injured, As long as you can find food/ water whenever you need it, As long as your gear don’t break or get lost, AS long as…………

  4. Bruce Goldinger said:

    99% of Americans couldn’t do this. It’s not all about the bag it’s about what you know and the skills to pull it off.

  5. Karen Rynearson said:

    I love his channel, reallybigmonkey. This guy has built some unique survival gear, and he’s honest about his failures too. He can go a year easy with nothing at all except a knife, let alone with a packed ruck.

  6. Marc Davidson said:

    I have no problem with living without all the bullshit modern scocity has to offer. My granddad also taught me to live off the land. He also taught me to be skeptical of what people say without seeing for myself. Too many armchair rambos on the net. Not all americans are soft vapid little bitches (mabey the younger generation)