(Video) This Prepper Invented a Bow Blower, a Combination of a Bow Drill and Forge Blower. Now See How to Use This Incredible Tool During SHTF!

bow blower primitive survival

While a forge blower is incredibly useful in a blacksmith’s shop, seeing how it delivers a constant air supply to the fire to assist the process of combustion. It isn’t very likely that we will come across one during a SHTF moment.

But think about it… with a forge blower, you could accomplish a lot.

Metals could be manipulated as needed – something that would be incredibly rare if everyone ends up being removed from modern industrial conveniences.

You can actually make your own version of a forge blower using only natural materials and tools from the wild.

This prepper invented the “Bow Blower,” which acts as a bow drill and forge blower combination!

You’ve got to see this to believe it… take a look on the next page to watch the video!

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