(Video) This Prepper Finds an Abandoned Shelter by a Highway Exit Ramp. Now Take a Look Inside…

Outside Fireplace

What is just as interesting at the structure is all the things our host finds on the ground; lamps, bottles, yarn… candy! Our Hermit was a bit eclectic. If given the circumstances, would you bug out here? Take a look:

We may have to disagree with our host here. He was impressed with all of the things he found and the fireplace but did not think our hermit friend was much of a survivor under the circumstances. We actually believe he was but, seeing the mess, it actually looks like he may have been run out of his home by the law. That is especially likely when we see the lack of structure as if it was hauled away.

The hermit may have stayed there and perhaps may have improved his living conditions if allowed. On the other hand, why live so close to the freeway? It may have been difficult to get to but also the car sound was hardly inviting for a survivalist.


  1. Christopher Smith said:

    That was an Amazing Video.
    He may have not have been a Survivalist as you say..?
    I mean no offence by what I am about to say.

    But he was a Survivalist in a Prepper & Survival way?
    The Hermit Made use of what he could find & Scavange, Scrounge, Salvage?
    He Reused, Rebuilt, Recycled & Upcycled.
    He used the stuff he found to build the shelter
    Yes that Fireplace was amazing..
    you could have thought it was left standing from an old wood style cabin not a thrown together Shantytown style shack….
    From the Amount of stuff left lying around?
    You could see he was one who did do some prepping work the few supplies & remains of them?
    As a person who was one homeless & lived on the Streets. I can see that that place would have been a Castle to the person who built it.. I actually had a tear in my Eye to see all the stuff just scattered around the place..
    Oh about all that yarn?
    The Hermit most probably Knew how to Knit & sew.. so could have knitted a lot of their own jumpers & even Blankets.. So the Hermit did have skills in Survival & Prepping…

  2. Derrick Rockweiler said:

    Well not saying he didn’t build that fireplace. But something that large and nice…along with all the cement or mortar needed…and as he said everything around it was just lumber and tarps I am suspecting that fireplace came from some structure that was there before the highway. He found it and built around it. And I he was going to go through the trouble of carrying all that brick and such which he possibly could…and spend the money when he obviously was using what he found…on mortar and so on seems like the rest would’ve been built better and or he would have constructed that in a different location. This guy’s voice and how he acts annoys me . But aside from that I think he is off base with his bewilderment and amazement over the fireplace. It’s beautiful but I suspect it was there long before that highway and person that was using it

  3. Shelly Norris said:

    I’m uncomfortable saying this but it makes me sad that the hermit is viewd as a curiosity and critiqued on his survival skills.I went to Boston once and I remember seeing signs of affluence all around me. I remember how expensive everything was too. I think about how harsh the winter’s are there too and how cold he must have been. Also can you imagine how he survived emotionally?

  4. Ryan Walton said:

    I’d be willing to bet all that stuff fell off vehicles and he just walked up and down it picking the stuff up.

  5. Emery Jimbo Wilson said:

    This guy is an idiot that chimney was there long before any highway lol it is all that’s left from a very old home

  6. Michael Luther said:

    I doubt a hermit built the fireplace, more than likely it is from an old house that once stood there. Come on guy!!

  7. Jeffrey A Frommeyer said:

    This “hermit” is destroying the natural environment with his garbage collecting. It is A LOT more common than you would believe. Awful.

  8. Matt Haub said:

    This is neat, but much of the stuff, I’d bet, was left over from an old house that had long ago rotted away. Even without a structure, what was left was surely a great place to build a makeshift shelter, adding to it as opportunities arose.

  9. Vivian Torrens said:

    Scary isn,t it ,these millennials are going to save the world, in their cute little two piece synthetic mittens.

  10. Dustin Dailey said:

    When your exit off a highway on one of those big circlular paths that feel like a roller coaster. That

  11. David Buschur said:

    Dude, you are an idiot, those weren’t carried in their by the “hermit” and put up….

  12. Daniel Hutchison said:

    The guy was not a survivalist? He did pretty fuckin well to survive there i reckon.

  13. Kevin Hughes said:

    Yeah he brought with him hundreds of bricks and mortar and the tools required to build with those and he decided to build only an overly elaborate fireplace? Whoever made this video isn’t very intelligent. Sorry bro.

  14. Evan Holmes said:

    Yeah you can tell the fireplace was very old. I’m sure it was built before the highway was there.

  15. Risky Matthew Howe said:

    This is that Samuel l jackson. Caveman music savants movie place.. Thing.. Based on.. N.Y. Brooklyn

  16. Ron Fina said:

    This guy’s an idiot if he thinks a hermit brought in all that material to build a fireplace. There was a building there MANY years ago that was abandoned.

  17. Cindy Hinkley said:

    Hahaha! No hermit built this structure, the wood part of the structure has just crumbled away over time. Its clearly the site of an old homestead from the past.

  18. Edward LePera said:

    Guy doing the talking is an idiot. It’s obvious if there was a structure there it was not torn apart by the weather. Most likely state workers did it

  19. Anonymous said:

    That is a kiln,,,not a shelter,,,,,it was used to fire pottery.

  20. Robert Aubin Jr. said:

    I found an old homestead chimney deep in the woods. No roads even remotely near it.

  21. Timothy Libbey said:

    Looks like 1960s town bomb shelter design by a prominent Army Corps of engineer.

  22. George Kolankowski said:

    We have some of these in National and Provincial Parks in Canada ….I’ve never seen them anywhere else . Should be an interesting having a look at these structures in other places and how they got there . Might make for some interesting folklore .