(VIDEO) This Powerful Plant Can Be Used to Create Medicine. Learn How to Find it to Make Natural Medicine While Bugging Out!

Lilly holding up tumeric root

During our journey into the wonderful world of homesteading, survival, and potentially bugging-out should the SHTF, we have learned a lot about natural medicines. Some are hit and miss. Others are rumored to be good for anything from a headache to cancer! But your best bet is to do serious research, look through books and websites, and use common sense.

We are all for those natural spices and roots that have multiple purposes; adding flavor to coffee as well as relieving heartburn is awesome! Still, there are things you always have to watch for. Something natural might be medicinal but can also cause nausea and diarrhea!

On the next page, watch this terrific video about a root Survival Lilly swears by. She’s done her research so we can pretty much guarantee the lady knows of what she speaks!

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