(Video) This Natural Shelter is Incredible! See What Makes it One Everyone Marvels At:

Stick Shelter

Give a man some twine or cordage, a tarp or two, and the woods to wander through and it really is amazing the type of shelter he can build!

All he has to do is think logically about how branches connect, the use of sticks and leaves, and whether or not he wants his campfire on the inside or the outside of his structure – and everything seems to fall into place!

Shelter becomes a rather big factor for the gentleman on the next page when a storm rolls in. He needs to get his shelter up quick, hope it does not leak too badly, and get a fire going so he does not freeze during the night. It also might be handy if the inside fire does not burn down his structure!

After the break watch a riveting video with a bush-crafter having built a natural shelter. It is a big, marvelous place, but it can also be a bit scary. Watch the video and you will see why!

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