(VIDEO) This May Be the Most Underrated Survival Tip. When You Find Out What it Is? Life Saving!


Sometimes, it can feel like we are bombarded with different information about what the most important aspect of survival is.

We are expected to know how to build a fire using minimal resources. We are told to know how to find our way home and which direction to travel by looking at the stars. We are supposed to have the skill set to build our own tools or weapons in a life or death situation.

It can be overwhelming for those that might not have these skills as fine-tuned as they would like. But there is something that everyone can do to help them in case SHTF: everyone from the novice hiker and explorer to the die-hard survivor guru.

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  1. David Hemenway said:

    If you go out into the wilderness and don’t check in at the Ranger Station, you are foolish. If you don’t sign in at the trailhead, you are a moron.
    Either way, you probably should just stay in a town.

  2. Russell Montgomery Sr. said:

    Don’t let the stupid you get ya killed. The great wide open is not unmowed city park it will bite you. Listen to David’s advice text or call someone not just check in on Facebook before you gonna have yourself a quick hike or urge to explore no matter how short.
    Many young people have no idea how important this is or know how this could go very bad.

  3. Gerald Hartle said:

    Your first defense for anything is how you dress when you go into the outdoors

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  6. Don Hollinshead said:

    Russell Montgomery Sr. I remember back in the 80’s on Mt Hood early spring a bunch of kids perished under a snowstorm ! Coulda use this to educate

  7. Charles Bailey said:

    If there’s a ranger station and sign in sheet at a trail head, you’re not in the wilderness you’re in a park.

  8. David Hemenway said:

    You guys obviously don’t get out nuch. Every wilderness has Rangers, and almost every trail has a place to check in.

  9. Charles Bailey said:

    I don’t follow trails David, I make my own. I promise you where I live there are no rangers,no sign in sheets. If you’re counting on someone else to save you when things get tough YOU WILL DIE!

  10. David Hemenway said:

    why are you getting so defensive?
    we’re not even talking about the same thing

  11. David Hemenway said:

    so you’re the one stomping around my wilderness killing the plants because you won’t walk on the trails

  12. David Tiedt said:

    If your lost quit walking around find some high ground out of the elements like wind and wait. The more you walk around the more energy you loose the more likely you’ll get hurt. No high ground find open field! In desert find some shade

  13. Warren Willard said:

    I am so sick of having to chase this multiple screens to see something that could be easily posted on the first screen. At this point, I no longer care. Thanks for prompting a change in habits. If more would follow my lead, these posts would either change or wither away.

  14. Dan Heino said:

    hand gun and matches. lots of ammo .gun shots can be heard for miles.

  15. Ron Gaines said:

    Damn Skippy….click bait sucks…I ain’t got time for all that!

  16. Terry Henck said:

    Really? If you need someone to come find you, you probably shouldn’t have been out in the woods in the first place. Stay in the city where you belong! I’ve been lost in the woods that I’ve never been in before, lost the moon and stars due to clouds and still came out 50 yards from the truck? If it means you have to spend the night, oh well? Make a fire, cook supper, take a nap and hike out? Gee, what direction was the wind? When you get up, where’s the sun? I’m sure the mountain men left a message? Ok I’ll be back in like 3 months, come look for me if I’m not back?

  17. Mark Greer said:

    Save yourselves from watching this. One: if you don’t know this, you’re beyond help. Two: takes forever to weed through crap to get to their point.

  18. James Pallasch said:

    Wise words. I am speaking from an experience which I had while hunting deer in Virginia. While no rescue team was needed, It was a wake up call for me 37 years ago! I have had many terrific hunts since, but none which taught me more about the value of knowing what it is you are attempting to do and how to do it safely.

  19. Rob Bobcat Cheatham said:

    It’s let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Not really a tip worth the exclamation mark.

  20. Tim Hagen said:

    A four minute video to say “tell someone where you are going”? This was almost as bad as that how to survive one night in the winter by keeping your hot tub warm video.

  21. Steven LaRose said:

    Good advice and this can be used everyday not just if you are going hiking… Even skilled HIKERS get lost .. So not just letting people where you are going and time you should be back is a great TIP.. However a cheap 50 cent (ebay) compass you can hang on a ZIPPER would help more.. TOOOO many people have had to be rescued or died for simple lack of planning or lack of Knowledge.. Take care and be safe