(Video) This Man Has Lived Off Grid for 6 Months. The Tips He Offers? Invaluable!


Planning ahead is very important for any DIY project. This is true if the project is an off-grid shelter you plan to live in for a while. Still, there will always be unexpected things that'll come up that'll either help or hinder your project.

On the video on the next page, you'll meet an off grid prepper who cut trees and designed his own work area. He also lived in a trailer but decided to build a cabin.

You'll soon learn that his living quarters are not only organized but that he is very smart and thorough. He knows what he wants and he also knows how to plan accordingly!

After the break check out a video that'll give you some tips on what to expect and learn when living off the grid. 

If you are a prepper who is looking for tips then you will undoubtedly appreciate the tips this man has to offer. His way of living is motivating and should provide you with tips on how to do the same!

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