(Video) This Large Super Shelter is Truly One of a Kind…


These men have done something we have all wanted to do at one time or another. Purchase a nice plot of land in the middle of nowhere (Ontario, Canada) and build a terrific house/shelter! It does help that they seem to get along well and have a great idea where it should be located and how it should be built!

And we have to admire their gumption, building the thing in the middle of Winter, with snow packing the ground and biting temperatures! It’s either brave or they drank too much “screech” during their two-day camp-out  – See video!

Now, in this video they show us their build but also take time out to camp, dine, and thank their fans who have sent them some really nice things. They have character and we admire that!

After the break, go over to the next page and watch their amazing progress and the process of building an incredible shelter.

They know what they want, will eventually bring students to the site, and we enjoy their determination! Go take a look!

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