[VIDEO] This Karambit Knife Is INCREDIBLE! See What It Can Do Here…

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you know the premium we put on having a dependable knife as part of your mandatory survival tool kit; in fact, you know we suggest you have several.

In a SHTF or survival situation, your knife not only makes the task before you much easier, it can literally be a life-saver. The Karambit knife is one of the most effective and dependable on the market.

This amazing knife is easy to hold and use and is very sturdy. Plus, it holds it sharpness incredibly well. In a camping, hunting, survival, even fishing situation, you can use this knife in dozens of different ways.

The video on the next page explains why this knife is a “must-have” for your survival kit as well as tips on how to maintain it and different ways you can use it.


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  1. Andrew Reilly said:

    My $80 SOG is one of the hardest knives I’ve worked with. I’d hate to set a price limit on a “good” knife, but it is important to know what you’re buying.

    I’ve also read something interesting in regards to cheaper knives. If all you intend to do is defend yourself, then it really only needs to work once. I’ve also heard a folding knife is a broken knife.

  2. Michael Knabjian said:

    Justin Arney vg10 is not a low-end steel and there’s nothing wrong with AUS8. Do I really need K390 for a self defense blade? What metric are you using for determining a low-end steel from a high-end steel? Edge retention? Vanadium carbide size? Working edge? Razor edge? Also, not a troll.

  3. Patrick F Ferrari said:

    Justin Arney You’re one of those shallow cunts who has to dump a load of cash to feel secure in their purchases. It’s clear after a quick perusal of your profile that you’re one of those cookie cutter approval seeking gear whores. I like high end knives, but I also know I could kill you with a rusty screwdriver because it’s the user that matters. You now have my permission to go die in a fucking fire.

  4. Dave Swoboda said:

    I love my Fox 599!! I’ve never been a fan of karma it’s till now. As for it being the “best” knife…that’s all a matter of personal opinion and use. For me in my everyday life, yes it’s perfect. For others maybe not. As for it being the best fighting knife, honestly, it’s not the arrow that makes the warrior. You could use a butter knife to defend yourself if you know how to.
    All in all I give this knife a 9.5 out of 10 that’s for sure

  5. David Erlandson said:

    Video sucks$#%&[email protected]* 2 minute intro… Long boring lectures… The whole thing could have been concluded in a minute and a half. If you are having trouble sleeping though, Id recommend watching it.

  6. Brandon Rohlfs said:

    Avoid Smith & Wesson’s Karambit. I bought one a couple of years ago and I wish I hadn’t. There is no deploy system and the clip cannot be reversed.

  7. Joe Volk said:

    I want a video of someone filleting a fish and skinning a deer with a karambit!

  8. Joe Volk said:

    Bushcrafting was mentioned. Most bushcrafters are all about ease of sharpening, and prefer straighter blades and scandi grinds.

  9. Joe Volk said:

    I do not recommend fighting a xxxxx who has drawn his xxxxx knife.

  10. Michael Blea said:

    The Karambit is a great knife but was originally designed as a work and utility knife (which is not to say it can’t be used as a combat weapon), however it’s just not as practical as a straight blade. In a high stress situation where lives depend on the outcome a 7-8 inch fixed blade is King. The Karambit in a pinch is better than nothing but it pales in con artisan to a good fighter (knife).

  11. Jared Rice said:

    I personally own this knife and the design of the emerson wave and the quality place this knife above the rest . must have for EDC with your firearm

  12. Mike Kelly said:

    I also carry a Spyderco Starmate to do and cutting that needs to be done.

  13. Richard M. Gormley said:

    I like Karambit’s, just not folders actually I don’t like folders in general due to the fact that they have what I consider a built in weak spot to place where they fold

  14. Cas Odinson said:

    This is a knock off of the Emerson Karambit. Which is a very very good knife

  15. Cas Odinson said:

    This is a knock off of the Emerson Karambit. Which is a very very good knife

  16. Cody Pack said:

    I literally just ordered one of these this afternoon lol

  17. Dan Cristello said:

    I would’ve loved to see this unfortunately and as always when i try to use these offsite links it just crashes my phone with ads :/

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