(Video) This is a Genius Survival Bed Design Everyone Should be Taking Advantage Of

survival bed

It's true, sleeping can be challenging in a survival situation. With the rough ground, harsh conditions, and vulnerability, we have a lot to deal with. That can lead to a lack of sleep, restless night of rest, or waking up sick. None of us want to go through that.

Luckily there's a solution to that problem and it's a bed! Makes sense, right? Last time we checked there wasn't a king sized mattress lying around in the forest, so we need to make our own.

Check out Survival Lilly's take on making the ultimate raised survival bed. It's ideal for sleeping under the stars in the wilderness!

Now you know how to make a survival bed – won't life be a little bit easier during a survival scenario or while you're bugging out?! We think so. Comfort is of the utmost importance while spending time in the wild, and even though you may think it's a luxury, we beg to differ. A bed can keep you safe from the elements and don't forget that a cover or outer layer of protection is also nice. You need some warmth and a shield from critters and additional elements, after all! Hopefully, that can be solved by making the ideal survival bed!

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