(Video) This Homemade Portable Sawmill is Incredible! Here’s How to Make It:


There are those who say they want to get back to building by hand and those who really do it!

Unfortunately, even if you enjoy DIY projects, there may be the occasional time when people may not understand the true nature of survival, prepping, bushcraft, homesteading and doing it themselves.

In fact, some people may already want it done (for them) already and may have chastised you for creating handmade items that can much easier be bought in a local sporting goods stores.

If you have had people like this in your life then yes, it is easier to pick up what you need at the local store, however, what if a hardware store is no longer available to you when the grid goes down? Therefore today, there are still important things people must understand:

As survivors of a SHTF situation, we may not be able to go to the local Home Depot© or Charlie’s Rifle Shack to pick up our hardware and weapons. In the far future, when our tools begin to breakdown, we really may need the know how to build everything on our own!

After the break, check out Part 3 of a marvelous set of videos where a righteous gent is making his own portable sawmill. It really is quite incredible!

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  1. Marc Black said:

    From this moment on, all us preppers had best get our$#%&[email protected]*together and preped for deployment, the$#%&[email protected]*that going down does not sound nor look good, ego pumping sacks of$#%&[email protected]*are all ready to be punching that fucking red button, better to save your lives when the time comes than kiss your arsholes goodbye.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Kyle, my husband just happens to have 2 sawmills, no need to build one, come on over.