(Video) This Hobo Fishing Kit Lets Anyone Catch Fish Almost Anywhere!

Hobo fishing kit

Fishing is a lot of fun, but it also is a potentially life-saving pursuit if you find yourself in a survival situation.

Fish live virtually everywhere and when protein and nourishment are critical, they are a relatively low-energy method of eating.

In a survival situation, where every action tends to expend much-needed energy, fishing is ideal because it offers a high reward with low risk and low expense of resources and energy.

Chances are, though, that if you are in a situation that is dire, you will not have a fully stocked fishing kit at your disposal.

If the situation is dire enough, you may not even want one as it is something for people to steal as they get more desperate for food.

That is where the Hobo Fishing Kit on the next page comes in handy! Check it out on the video after the break.

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  1. Andrew Young said:

    Thought I was going to die of old age before he got through that…

  2. Steve Rogers said:

    I can almost guarantee you, if you take this out of your pocket inside any restaurant, some snowflake will scream, wet their panties and scream pipe bomb, hahahaha