(Video) This Hammock Rain Setup is So Clever! I Wish I Would Have Thought of it Sooner!

hammock hook

Camping and bugging out is fun until it isn't. Sure, you've tried your best to enjoy yourself in the rain, but sometimes the damp weather can put a hitch in your plans.

Luckily we have a trick you may be interested learning in. If you've thought about bugging out and sleeping in a hammock, there's an easy way to stay dry and get it set up quickly.

While you may have your own way of setting up your hammock, we bet you haven't thought of this before. This clever hack will make life a lot easier, especially when it rains.

Want to find out how to set up your sweet hammock for a rainy day? Check out this video tutorial with the easiest step by step directions.

In no time, you'll have the ultimate set up perfect for any bug out adventure. This will only take you a few minutes and make a world of difference.

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