[VIDEO] This Guy Sticks Himself With Fish Hooks So Viewers Can Learn The Proper Removal Methods

Warning: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised

Whether you are out on lake or river for the day, on an extended camping trip or in a survival situation, fishing is one past time that everyone can do and in a survival situation, it is a critical way to get vital food.

One way to wreck a fishing trip or make a survival situation worse is to hook yourself.

Unfortunately, if you fish enough, hooking yourself is almost an inevitability.

When it happens there are crucial things you must consider and then critical actions you must take to make sure you do not damage your skin, get an infection or even if the hook is in the exact wrong place put your life in danger.

Ideally, when you hook yourself, you'd go to the hospital. But if that is not an option, on the next page is a video with some ways to extricate the hook without damaging yourself.


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