(Video) This Family Lives in a Eighteen Thousand Dollar Underground Off Grid Home and it’s Truly Remarkable

underground home

If you were to experience a SHTF situation having to do without a bed, bathroom, or a home can be devastating. That is why preppers pride themselves on having a bug out shelter or cabin ready to flee to at a moment's notice. It's just one less thing they'll have to worry about when a collapse hits.

Some people prefer having a shelter built miles away from their home and the shelter may be built from trees and other materials found in nature. They build this kind of shelter to protect them from the elements.

Any type of shelter, if built correctly is better than having no shelter at all. However, the family on the next page went above and beyond with their shelter design. Whether you think it's frivolous or downright amazing, this is a SHTF home that would make anyone stop in their tracks.

When a disaster hits we don't know if we'll need to live in our off grid home for days, weeks, months, or even years, so if you have a lot of money at your disposal — why not consider building a shelter that'll not only protect you from the elements but that is also a work of art?!

To check out the vision one woman had for an off grid house for her and her family, visit the next page and be in awe when you see the shelter on the video. 

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  1. Matthew Doesntplaywellwithothers said:

    I agree with her, show those screaming yellow zonkers some respect. Women don’t like to have their big bad wolves gawked at every time they put on a shirt that let’s the tannin cannons breathe a little…

  2. Adam George said:

    I think her reason for creating this home was more about the fanciful and spiritual side of being out there, not so much the bug out portion. also its really only her for now, so I don’t think you could say its a family home. a little deceptive.

  3. แะท ฌเกกะใใด said:

    Ive read stories of people living off grid only to have their children taken away. Why can the Amish do it while using cell phones and gas powered weed eaters (and being tax exempt) while i cannot?

  4. Jeanni Guise said:

    If you had American Indian blood in you, they can’t take your kids away either. They did this to a family camping on their land and had to give them back.

  5. แะท ฌเกกะใใด said:

    Not easy to do. My religion also has a god that loves marijuana (Lord Shiva) but, alas, i live in Indiana in a small touristy christian town full of meth heads and bureaucrats. Chances are they won’t believe me and they’ll throw me in jail anyways because I’m not part of the status quo.