(Video) This Couple Survived Their First Tiny House Winter With -10 Degrees F Temps. The Tips They Offer? Invaluable!

cold in a small RV

Stay warm!

That seems the best bit of advice any survivalist can give to another when facing temperatures below twenty and ten degrees! However, it is the way you get warm that counts and there are many avenues accessible to an individual if they are willing to open their eyes to see and ears to hear the advice given.

It does not seem like it should be that easy but it is!

On the next page, we have a friendly couple who have decided to live small. In this case, it is in an RV and their first winter together in these living conditions could be harrowing if they did not think before acting.

Admittedly, there were obstacles and they will tell you all about them but the results are what counts and you may be amazed at what their final solution to keep warm was!

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